What are Foster Families?

Foster Families provide temporary care in a safe, nurturing family environment for children and youth who must be separated from their family. Children may need foster care for just a few days, a week, several months or possibly years.

Foster Parents work with agency staff as part of a team to develop a plan for each child in care. The ideal plan is usually to reunite a child with their family. Where this is not possible, the plan may include adoption or long-term foster care.

How can you make a difference to a child in Chatham-Kent?

The types of Resource Families needed:


  • Foster Family
  • Kinship Home
  • Customary Care Home
  • Adoptive Family


Who are Resource Parents?

Resource Parents can be adults who are


  • Married
  • Living common law
  • Single with or without children
  • Older persons
  • Couples or singles with training in child care


What Support is Available to Resource Families?

Chatham-Kent Children’s Services offers:


  • A thorough application process
  • 27 hours of comprehensive PRIDE training
  • Ongoing support
  • Daily non-taxable reimbursement for living, medical, dental, clothing and school expenses



Every child deserves a forever family.

Adoption is a legal and social process which establishes a parent-child relationship, providing permanence, safety and security for a child or children.

Children are introduced to their potential adoptive parents slowly, so each has a chance to get to know the other. This process starts with day visits and continues to include overnight and weekend stays, and finally, if all goes well, permanent placement. Throughout this process, Chatham-Kent Children’s Services provides all the supports children and parents need to form healthy relationships and grow together as a family.

In Ontario, adoption can be arranged through:

  • Public adoption through Children's Aid Societies
  • Private adoption through a licensed agency or individual
  • International adoption through a licensed organization

CAS is committed to providing permanent and loving families for children who cannot remain with their birth families.

Who Makes A Great Adoptive Parent?
  • Committed to a permanent, lifetime relationship
  • Ability and willingness to cope with the child's needs now and in the future
  • Experience with children and dealing with difficult situations
  • Ability and willingness to accept natural family involvement (if in child’s best interests)
  • At least 19 years of age
  • From any cultural, racial or ethnic background
  • Single, married, divorced, widowed, gay or lesbian
  • Financially able to manage the addition of a child(ren)
  • Experience with adoption
  • Extended family support
  • Lots of parenting experience or none at all
Who Are Adoptive Children?
  • All ages and stages – we have an increasing need for families who are willing to adopt older children
  • Variety of cultural, racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds
  • Brothers and sisters waiting for a family who can adopt them together
  • Have developmental or physical challenges

Each child is different but every child can benefit from becoming part of a warm and loving family.

Getting Started
  • Call Chatham-Kent Children’s Services at 519-352-0440 to discuss your preliminary questions about adopting and/or fostering.
  • If you decide to proceed with the adoption or foster program, a phone intake interview will be completed with a CAS Resource Worker regarding your family’s demographics, etc.
  • Once this is completed you will be invited to attend an Agency meeting to receive an application package for the adoption and/or foster program.
  • Upon completion and submission of your application package, a CAS Resource Worker will schedule you into the PRIDE (Parent Resources for Information, Development and Education) pre-service training program. 
  • Attend and complete the PRIDE Pre-service Training Program.  PRIDE is a 9 week, 27 hour pre-service intensive training program for prospective foster, adoption and kinship families. Homework assignments (PRIDE Connections) correspond to in-class training on a weekly basis.
  • Complete a home study. You will be assigned to a Home Study Worker either during or after you have completed PRIDE. 

Refer also to Adoption Resource Guide for Canadians: www.adoptiveparents.ca


The Chatham-Kent Children’s Services will provide non-identifying information from our records to adult adopted persons, adoptive parents, birth parents, birth grandparents, and birth siblings.  Please call 519-352-0440 to speak to an Adoption worker about your adoption.

Adult adopted persons seeking identifying information and are wishing to obtain a copy of their original birth registration and/or their final adoption order, and birth parents wishing to obtain access to information from their child’s birth records and adoption orders can contact the Ministry of Community and Social Services at www.serviceontario.ca (scroll down to “Adoption Information Disclosure”), or call Service Ontario at 416-325-8305 or toll free at 1-800-461-2156.

Foster and Adoptive Parents change lives.
For the good.

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How to Make a Referral
To make a referral to any service 
offered by Chatham-Kent Children’s Services, please call 519-352-0440.

For organizations or companies wishing to assist with our recruitment campaign, either by allowing us to provide a presentation to your staff or by advertising the need for foster and adoptive parents, please contact Kim Mugridge at 519-352-0440.

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