Developmental and Mental Health Services for Children from Birth to Six Years of Age

Developmental and Mental Health services can be accessed for all children birth to six years of age who have behavioural, developmental, medical/physical, or emotional issues.  The program is designed to provide support and information regarding the child’s needs to parents/caregivers, child care settings, schools, and community agencies who may be involved with the child.  Services available to the child and family include but are not limited to:

  • Informal Assessment of Development
  • Advocacy and Case Management
  • Links to Other Resources
  • School/Childcare and Parent Support
  • Diagnostic Assessment

Program Objectives

  • To provide assistance to children and their families through the use of developmental assessments and individual service plans.
  • To build on parent’s existing skills to help maximize the child’s full potential.
  • To link families to community agencies best suited to help meet their needs.
  • To work cooperatively with other community agencies to help meet the child’s and family’s needs.
  • To provide ongoing support and advocacy
  • To enhance the family’s abilities to address individual and family needs

Developmental Support Worker Eligibility

Children seen by developmental support workers must be on active caseload with a child/family consultant.  The Developmental Support Worker provides intensive support and carries out an intervention plan, developed by the child’s team, in a licensed child care facility.  The Developmental Support Worker may be assigned to one child or a small number of children.  Children are seen a set number of full or half days per week. Consultants providing service to medically fragile children or children who have physical disabilities work in close relationship with therapists at the Children’s Treatment
Centre of Chatham-Kent

School Transition

If a child is of the age to begin Junior or Senior Kindergarten, assistance can be provided to help make the transition into school a smooth process.  The child/family consultant will attend school meetings with the Lambton-Kent District School Board or the St. Clair Catholic Separate School Board to assist all professionals involved to plan for a smooth transition.  With the parents written permission, the consultant will provide reports about the child and consult with the principal, classroom teacher, educational assistant, and/or resource personnel as needed.


Best Start & Ontario Early Years Centre

For Services and Locations please call
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Links to CKCS Single Point Access at 519-352-0440
Referrals are accepted from parents as well as anyone in the community, with parental consent, who is involved with children birth to six years of age and their families.